Be. Here. Now.

Your PRESENCE is wanted!

Yes, there are many things vying for our attention and demanding our time. THAT may not change. But the ways in which we CHOOSE to respond is completely within our control. When we own the fact that it IS a CHOICE on how our time is spent and cease the “should-ing” on ourselves, we feel more at peace with our decisions and we actually ENJOY what we are doing because we actively CHOSE to be there.

That is one way our presence is cultivated. Owning the choices we make in how we spend and share our time. Time is a valuable resource that gives no refunds. It rewards us immensely when we immerse ourselves in the WHY of our being and doing.

Our presence also helps us to bring about and deepen CONNECTION. And I think we can agree that CONNECTION is something that our world is craving and desperately needing more real, deep, connection. When we sit with a friend, thinking of nothing else but truly BEing with them, listening, and holding space for them, what happens? They feel heard, acknowledged, cared for. How did that happen? Because we were present WITH them. Presence can be felt, sensed, and recognized when it is there and when it is absent.

Today, and every day, I invite you to be PRESENT.

Show up for YOU.

Show up for OTHERS.

Immerse yourself in the HERE and NOW.

Allow this gift of TODAY to keep on GIVING!

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