Who am I? My name is Holly Christine Tucci. I am a human, just like you. Having been born with complete heart block has given┬áme a perspective and experiences that have shaped my world as I know it today. Those experiences are what have allowed me to see through a lens in which my continued approach is┬áthat I will accomplish whatever I put my heart and mind to. It’s the “bring it on” mentality when challenges arise. One step after the other, eventually figuring things out.

What am I about? I’m all about having fun, lots of laughter, giggles, shenanigans and good times. I’m also all about doing the work. To face challenges straight on, look them in the eye and figure out what it is telling me, teaching me and leading me towards. It gets messy, muddled and confusing, yet the clarity of who I am and what I believe is what propels me to keep on exploring!

What is this site about? It’s about creating a space to live, learn and grow. It’s about welcoming the daily experiences and challenges that we face and understand what they bring and give us. I say “us” because we are in this life journey together. We are not alone. While our experiences are unique, we are here for each other, together.

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